Dear loving person,

Thank you for deciding to take this journey with me. In the next 40 days we are going to look what literally made us want to be here, on this earth. To discover this, I am going to give you 13 essential keys, that will help you from now on to freely create what you want and to live your life according to your calling.


For the majority of people a calling is a vague conception. It is an ungraspable conception that cannot be explained but which is so strong and motivating if you discover it! It brings joy into your life and motivates you to get the maximum out of yourself. You listen to everything that comes up in you and because the majority of people love different things, then following your calling means that you are leading a colourful and dynamic life.

In living our daily life we are not often challenged to go looking for our calling. That is because we are programmed to just choose one profession. This is something we learn at an early age when we are asked: what do you want to be when you grow up? In principle there is nothing wrong with this question. It just says something about the preconception of our society.

When someone asked me as a child what I wanted to be, I knew immediately: I wanted to be a dairy farmer. My father was a dairy farmer, so my choice was obvious. And just like me many children took their example from their father or mother. But if being a dairy farmer, had really been my calling, then along the way I seemed to have dropped a lot of the stitches. What I do now has absolutely nothing to do with country living and even so I have found what I was looking for. Was I wrong as a child? No. Even though I cannot give a name to what I do now, it is completely right for the person I am inside. And so I dare to say with conviction that I have found my calling. I live and breathe it every day.

For a long time I thought that my work was purely based on passion. I coupled my calling to passion – in my case inspiring people to look at reality differently. But I am honest – I don’t have passion 100% of the time. That is virtually impossible. Regularly I have to do things that are far removed from inspiring people, like typing emails, making plans, uploading content, arranging printing, doing research, discussions, meetings, surfing, tidying up and so on and so on. These are not the things that elevate me, even though I know they have to be done. But if you give me the choice of giving a presentation or doing the little jobs that need to be done, then I know what I prefer.

Just doing the things you like doing is not a calling. People who think that take the easy way out. This became very apparent when I made the code Calling. It was just as if I could see my life as a whole for the first time. All my experiences, from now and in the past, formed one big piece of art (which is still happening now). My choices, desires, lessons, challenges … are all part of a greater plan. My soul is painting a blueprint and each experience gives it more colour as a result. It became obvious that is has never been my calling to give presentations and to become successful at it, because this would mean that I was only predetermined to inspire people. That is not so. Inspiring people is something that I love doing. My calling is why I do it.



The fact that you decided to take part in this workshop, says that you also want to know why you are here and what you came to do. You want to make a success out of your life and I am going to help you during the next 40 days. I am going to give you an alternative to the programmed thinking we all grew up with, so that you like me, can think and decide out of the box. Success to me means that I have the freedom to create everything I want and when I want. That I give myself the chance to do something with every single desire. If you want to do that too, then I am going to show you that you never have to postpone anything ever again. Everything can and may take place at the same time!

I am really looking forward to walking this path with you! There is a lot I want to share with you and of course I want to know how you experience this journey. In the meantime write a post and share with the rest in the closed Facebook Group. By connecting with one another is exactly why it is fun and we will get so much more out of it!


I wish you a lot of power, inspiration and pleasure in the next few weeks.


From heart to heart,


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